Matt Vasicek - Professional Realtor and Appraisal Services - Scottsdale, Arizona

Matt Vasicek (vas-a-check)

Realtor  |  Certified Residential Appraiser
Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser
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You are about to be involved in one or two of the most important financial dealings of your lifetime: buying/selling a house or having your property correctly and accurately appraised. To avoid headaches and second-rate service common in these professions, you must work with a partner who surpasses “industry standards” in these areas. Well, you’re at the right place! Meet Matt Vasicek…

Peerless Appraisal Services

You need an appraisal service. You want to be sure to work with someone who doesn’t over or under value your property or assets. You want accuracy and reliability. Accuracy in relevant and detailed data analysis and Reliability with client communication and on-time report delivery. You’re at the right place and Matt Vasicek is the right guy. Unlike most appraisers, Matt’s appraisals have been the benchmark in the industry for decades. He has been specifically appointed as the judge’s “right hand man” by the U.S. District Court, has been the exclusive special advisor to the Arizona Department of Housing within a far-reaching neighborhood stabilization program and has worked with essentially every relevant financial institution. He is ready to assist you.

Your "Peace-of-Mind" Realtor

You are embarking on what is most often a stressful journey… buying or selling a house. You want to avoid being ripped-off as well as being able to relax through the process. Matt has seen every type of scenario in every type of real estate transaction and has a keen attention to detail, so there won’t be any unwanted surprises for you when you work with him. His most demanding clients have expressed appreciation for his unfettered ability to keep them calm during a normally stressful process. Matt is ready to keep you calm through your real estate transaction as well.

Matt Vasicek - Professional Realtor and Appraisal Services - Scottsdale, Arizona

Matt Vasicek (vas-a-check)

Realtor  |  Certified Residential Appraiser
Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser
Senior Business Analyst

Want to see how much house you can afford?

Why Choose Matt Vasicek?

Matt has built a decades-long career upholding the public trust. Being a well-respected and recognized, Certified Appraiser and Realtor, he has become uniquely positioned to assist and protect you with his vast, multi-industry expertise.

Matt doesn’t engage in shortcuts and rushed transactions like many of his competitors.  As an Appraiser, he is completely unbiased and un-swayed by outside influences, and when he is your Realtor, he works for you – managing your transaction as if it is his own money.

Matt Vasicek walks his talk.

Matt has bought and sold properties in several states. From Arizona to Colorado, Texas to Washington, he has been a landlord, advisor, contract interpreter and reliable business partner to many along the way. As such, he knows the ropes.

During his extensive career as both an Appraiser and Realtor, Matt has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions and has inside knowledge of the workings of each market segment. From entry-level to ultra-luxury, he takes pride in his peerless valuation service as well as headache-free, “Peace-of-Mind” real estate services. As your Realtor, whether you are purchasing or selling, Matt will represent your financial concerns.

Trusted. Appointed.

Beyond his real estate expertise and related appraisal services, Matt has also appraised thousands of unique machinery and equipment items. In this discipline, he is one of a handful of professional appraisers who has been appointed as Special Master by the United States District Court, District of Arizona.

Matt is conveniently located in Scottsdale and will be glad to work with you anywhere throughout the Phoenix Metro Area and beyond.  Professional credentials include:  Realtor, Certified Residential Appraiser, and Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser. Contact Matt to assist you today

Matt Answers Your Real Estate Questions

It should all start right here.  Are you paying cash?  If so, you obviously know your budget (but don’t forget about annual property taxes, hazard insurance, HOA fees, etc.).  For many home buyers, however, paying cash is not feasible and mortgage financing is necessary.  A seasoned Realtor has strong relationships with lending professionals and can and should guide you to a reputable lender so you can be “pre-qualified” before you begin your home-buying process.  Being pre-qualified also gives you a stronger standing in the eyes of home sellers when they are considering purchase offers you make to them. 

Sure, some people prefer to do these things on their own and have success, but a Realtor can help avoid serious pitfalls within real estate transactions.  Simple examples can be under-or-overpricing a property for sale and focusing on the wrong property attributes or ignoring important ones.  Other challenges, of a serious legal nature, may arise if you fail to disclose certain defects in a property you’re selling or if you don’t get the deal to the “closing table” within the timeframe stipulated in your purchase/sale agreement.  Beyond that, there are innumerable details involved, from vetting a buyer’s mortgage financing (if you’re the seller) to appraisals to home inspections to repair requests prior to scheduling closing to title fees, etc. etc. etc.  You want to work with a well-trained, highly seasoned real estate professional to help complete what will be among the most important financial dealings of your lifetime.   

In most instances I get paid only when the sale consummates/”closes” and you finish the purchase process.  Most often the payment to me comes from the seller’s proceeds based on an agreed-upon percentage of the purchase price.

Before we put your property on the market, you and I enter into a “listing agreement” stating how much you agree to pay me and when.  Most often I get paid only when we have sold your home and the sale consummates/”closes” and you finish the sale process.  The amount I receive is often a percentage of the final sales price.   The percentage is negotiated upon entering the listing agreement and, from that amount, I then pay the buyer’s agent as well.  This is most often referred to as a sales commission.   

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Matt Vasicek - Scottsdale Assn of Realtors
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Matt Answers Your Appraisal Questions

An appraisal is a professional opinion of the fair market value of a property.   A lending institution needs to know this value to determine the amount that can be borrowed against the property.  


A home inspection does not determine the market value of a home; it is a report that lists all the potential issues and possible repairs needed on the property.   

In both instances, the lending institution hires the appraiser.

No. The appraiser must be an independently hired third party vendor to the transaction when you are borrowing money from a lending institution. You can, however, hire an appraiser independently prior to listing your home for sale to help determine a price, or if you are purchasing a home with cash and just want to make sure you are paying a fair price.

Appraisal fees vary based on the level of complexity for each assignment.  There is usually an acceptable range in fees for properties in areas where many homes are similar.   A fee range for a non-complex single family property within the Phoenix Metro Area for a qualified appraiser is likely to be $475 to $700 (depending on whether the property is owner occupied or tenant occupied, FHA/VA, etc.).  Fees for complex/unique single family properties (larger than average, custom, luxury, ultra-luxury, multiple acres, heavily damaged, REO, etc.) and two-to-four unit properties are typically quoted on an individual basis and could be higher.   These are the average acceptable fees as of the summer of 2019.  Please note that all Machinery and Equipment appraisal fees are quote-only and there is no “general fee range”.

For a vast majority of residential properties, the on-site appraisal “inspection” itself takes fifteen minutes to an hour.  However, the appraisal process in its entirety normally takes around a week.  Scheduling the on-site visit, analyzing specific comparable data and general market data, preparing a credible report, etc. are extremely important parts of the overall process and are the most time-consuming.  After the on-site visit, the report is typically ready for submission within two or three business days.

The appraiser will come to your home and take measurements and pictures, inside and out.   Being inside the home and taking photographs adds imagery to the verbiage in an appraisal report and advances the old axiom that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  The appraiser will not focus on your basket of dirty laundry, dishes in the sink, religious artifacts, prescription bottles on the counter, etc.  They are taking pictures of the building materials, updating/upgrades/remodeling, damages needing repair (if any), etc.  The objective is to appraise the property and the house, not the people or personal items inside or outside.  

Zillow is a meta-data/algorithm driven analytics provider, and therefore may not always be 100% accurate.  The important details pertaining to your specific property will not be taken into account.  This can result in large disparities, both upward and downward, between what your house is really worth and what Zillow says it’s worth.  However, there are instances where Zillow could be accurate.     


The County Assessors’ role in the valuation of your property is related to “Ad Valorem Taxation” and is not necessarily accurate or current with the open market value for each property.  The assessed value can typically be “behind the times” regarding the true value of your property.  If the market is moving up or down, it is very unlikely that the assessed value of your property will be accurate with its current, open market value.  

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