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You are about to be involved in one of the most important financial dealings of your lifetime: buying or selling a house. To avoid headaches and second-rate service common in these professions, you must work with a partner who surpasses “industry standards” in these areas. Well, you’re at the right place! Meet Matt Vasicek…


Matt Vasicek walks his talk

Matt has bought and sold properties in several states. From Arizona to Colorado, to Texas to Washington, he has been a landlord, advisor, contract interpreter, and reliable business partner to many along the way. As such, he knows the ropes.

During his extensive career as both an Appraiser and Realtor, Matt has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions and has inside knowledge of the workings of each market segment. From entry-level to ultra-luxury, he takes pride in his peerless valuation service as well as headache-free, “Peace-of-Mind” real estate services. As your Realtor, whether you are purchasing or selling, Matt will represent your financial concerns and stay calm in what can be very demanding situations.

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Your "Peace-of-Mind" Realtor

You are embarking on what is most often a stressful journey… buying or selling a house. You want to avoid being ripped off as well as being able to relax through the process. Matt has seen every type of scenario in every type of real estate transaction and has keen attention to detail, so there won’t be any unwanted surprises for you when you work with him. His most demanding clients have expressed appreciation for his unfettered ability to keep them calm during a normally stressful process. Matt is ready to keep you calm through your real estate transaction as well.

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